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As you may know, price localization is a key factor in global ecommerce. It’s been proven in many studies that people tend to feel more comfortable making a purchase in a familiar local currency. When products are priced in a foreign currency, the rate of shoppers abandoning the cart increases and cuts into sales for the business. A study done by Profitwell over 50 SaaS companies, found that those who localized prices experienced up to 30% more growth.

Of course, localization is more than setting a price in a local currency, but if you are planning to start a global ecommerce, you will need to overcome this problem.

At present, foxer currency calculator is a powerful converter and an efficient aggregator of  Central Bank exchange rates.

In the upcoming 10th version, we’ll go one step further and will make automatic exchange rate integration directly into ERP, CRM, B2B or any database software system possible for businesses with an easy, non-expensive solution.

If you are interested in global ecommerce price localization, please stay tuned. In the meanwhile you can download the current foxer currency calculator version.

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