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About pegged currencies

While many currencies in the world work under a floating exchange rate regime, where the currency price of a nation is determined by supply and demand on the open market, some other countries adopt fixed or pegged exchange rates against another currency.

Countries commonly establish a currency peg with a stronger or more developed economy so that domestic companies can access broader markets with less risk. The U.S. dollar, the euro, and gold have historically been popular choices.

Tables below shows all pegged currencies as they are configured for foxer currency calculator.

Currencies pegged to EUR

IsoCodeCurrency NameSymbolPegged ToRatio
ATSSchilling (Austria)SEUR13.7603
BAMConvertible Mark (Bosnia and Herzegovina)KMEUR1.95583
BEFFranc (Belgium)BFEUR40.3399
CYPPound (Cyprus)£EUR0.585274
DEMDeutsch Mark (Germany)DMEUR1.95583
EEKKroon (Estonia)KrEUR15.64664
ESPPeseta (Spain)Ptas.EUR166.386
FIMMarkka (Finland)mkEUR5.94573
FRFFranc (France)FEUR6.55957
GRDDrachma (Greece)DrEUR340.75
IEPPunt (Ireland)PuntEUR0.787564
ITLLira (Italy)LitEUR1936.27
LTLLitas (Lithuania)LitasEUR3.4528
LUFFranc (Luxembourg)LuxFEUR40.3399
LVLLat (Latvia)LsEUR0.702804
MTLLira (Malta)£EUR0.4293
NLGGuilder (Netherlands)f.EUR2.20371
PTEEscudo (Portugal)EscEUR200.482
SITTolar (Slovenia)SlTEUR239.64
SKKKoruna (Slovakia)SkEUR30.126
XAFCFA Franc (Central Africa)F.EUR655.957
XOFSDR (Int. Monetary Fund)F.EUR655.957

Read more about this topic in this article about Foreign exchange regimes from Reuters.

You can download all these tables as a single pegged-currencies.csv file.

Currencies pegged to USD

IsoCodeCurrency NameSymbolPegged ToRatio
AEDDirham (United Arab Emirates)DhUSD0.36725
BHDDinar (Bahrain)BDUSD0.376
DJFFranc (Djibouti)DFUSD177.721
ECSSucre (Ecuador)SucreUSD25000
ERNNakfa (Eritrea)NfkUSD15
JODDinar (Jordan)JDUSD0.709
KYDDollar (Cayman Islands)$USD1.2
LBPPound (Lebanon)USD1507.5
OMRRial (Oman)ROUSD0.3845
PABBalboa (Panama)BUSD1
QARRiyal (Qatar)QRUSD3.64
SARRiyal (Saudi Arabia)SRUSD3.75
SVCColon (El Salvador)ColonUSD8.75
VEFBolivar (Venezuela)Bs.FUSD4.3
XCDDollar (East Caribbean Dollar)EC$USD2.7

Other pegged currencies

IsoCodeCurrency NameSymbolPegged ToRatio
GIPPound (Gibraltar)£GBP1
SHPPound (Saint Helena)£GBP1
NPRRupee (Nepal)NRsINR1.6
LSLLoti (Lesotho)LZAR1
NADDollar (Namibia)N$ZAR1
SZLLilangeni (Swaziland)LZAR1

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