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Main Converter form

main converter form

The Bank Selector

Bank selector

The Bank selector is where to choose the exchange rates provider. Selected provider remains the default source if not replaced or overriden by an ATC conversion. The Bank selector is also present in the Configuration and Calendar windows.


action icons

The Calendar icon is this semaphore-like circle that changes color depending on the exchange rate age to indicate validity. Default date for any provider is the latest available, but you can choose a different date on the calendar, or even extract older exchange rates from the history file, when available. CTRL+I

The Favorites button lengthens or shortens the list of available currencies between all currencies / all + pegged currencies / only favorites. CTRL+F

The Currency switcher interchanges incoming & outgoing currencies. CTRL+<-

The Conversion Report opens a detailed log for every operation made during the last conversion. CTRL+R


main converter controls

The Convert button performs conversion of the text in the incoming area. Numbers are converted from incoming currency to outgoing currency with exchange rates currently in memory, and formatted according to selected options. Text that is not a number is literally copied. The result is sent to the outgoing area. CTRL+->

The Copy button copies the outgoing area to the clipboard.

The Clear button clears the incoming & ougoing area and restarts the clipboard integration mechanism.

The Close button closes the main converter window. ESC

Converter options

For your peace of mind, foxer currency calculator automatically detects any convention concerning numbers and dates as long as they are consistent. But you can also force them to be interpreted as desired.

numeric disambiguationdate disambiguation

Both Numeric & Date Disambiguation let you select between auto detection, according to the Windows system or force it to some of the valid options.

formatting options

The Formatting & labeling options let you choose how the resulting string will be built and currency position. The Buttons No Text / Restore are a fast way to hide & show labels. The same functionality can be achieved by clicking on the ‘Options‘ button while the CTRL key is pressed.

Options Window

Main converter options tab

Calendar window

This form lives appart from the main converter controls, but contains a practical Bank selector and a Calendar where to choose the exhange rates provider and the date file to load from. Double clicking on a cell loads it on the converter. It also displays file information such us values contents, file name, base currency and internal file date.

calendar form

Calendar details

In the values list, you can select a particular currency and get its % variation with the same currency from another date.

The Legend information shows file age and number of currencies in the file.

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