Federal Reserve

The official exchange rates for the US Dollar (USD) are published by the Federal Reserve (FED), the central banking system of the United States of America (USA).

Updated on every Monday, this weekly report includes 23 currencies for the working days of the past week. This gap of seven days is far from our aim to provide daily exchange rates, but there is nothing we can do about it, except to bring automated access to this economic information to who could be interested in.

So, despite the delay on this publication, and due to its important role in the world’s economy, the FED plug-in has been included on foxer currency calculator latest version 10 release.

FED/USD Historical Series

Time series are available for the FED since 2011.06.01. It is not a Physical History File, so missing data can be retrieved on demand from the Calendar, month by month.

Economic relevance

The United States of America is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP, followed by the European Union and China. The USA has a highly-diversified, world-leading industrial sector. It is also a high-technology innovator with the second largest industrial output in the world.

The USD is the currency most used in international transactions and is the world’s foremost reserve currency, backed by its science and technology, its military, and its central role in a range of international institutions and the petrodollar system.

Several countries use it as their official currency, and it is the de facto currency in many others. Its largest trading partners are China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, India, and Taiwan.


Currency Calculator

Summary table

Base currencyUSD
PublicationEvery Monday
Time16:00 (UTC-4)
Historical SeriesSince 2011-06-01

Facts and figures

  • GDP Ranking#: 1st
  • GDP: 20,937 ( USD Billion )
  • Population: 332M
  • GDP per capita: $53,749
Sources: Dec/2020
tradingeconomics.com & wikipedia
Federal Reserve country coverage map

Federal Reserve country coverage map

Available links

The Federal Reserve of the USA publishes daily spot exchange rates for the following currencies:

AUD Dollar (Australia)
BRL Real (Brazil)
CAD Dollar (Canada)
CHF Franc (Switzerland)
CNY Yuan (China)
DKK Krone (Denmark)
EUR Euro (European Union)
GBP Pound (United Kingdom)
HKD Dollar (Hong Kong)
INR Rupee (India)
JPY Yen (Japan)
KRW Won (Korea South)
LKR Rupee (Sri Lanka)
MXN Peso (Mexico)
MYR Ringgit (Malaysia)
NOK Krone (Norway)
NZD Dollar (New Zealand)
SEK Kronor (Sweden)
SGD Dollar (Singapore)
THB Baht (Thailand)
TWD New Dollar (Taiwan)
VES Bolivar (Venezuela)
ZAR Rand (South Africa)

Currencies pegged to USD

Due to its economic relevance, many countries have adopted the USD as a fixed value of reference for their nation’s currency.

Iso Code Currency Name Symbol Ratio
AED Dirham (United Arab Emirates) Dh 3.6725
BHD Dinar (Bahrain) BD 0.376
CUC Colon (Costa Rica) $ 1
DJF Franc (Djibouti) DF 177.721
ECS Sucre (Ecuador) Sucre 25000
ERN Nakfa (Eritrea) Nfk 15
JOD Dinar (Jordan) JD 0.709
KYD Dollar (Cayman Islands) $ 1.2
LBP Pound (Lebanon) 1507.5
OMR Rial (Oman) RO 0.3845
PAB Balboa (Panama) B 1
QAR Riyal (Qatar) QR 3.64
SAR Riyal (Saudi Arabia) SR 3.75
SVC Colon (El Salvador) Colon 8.75
VEF Bolivar (Venezuela) Bs.F 4.3
XCD Dollar (East Caribbean Dollar) EC$ 2.7

In the White Papers section you will find a complete list of the world’s pegged currencies.

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