Foreign exchange rates

From Central Banks to your computer

foxer currency calculator is a productivity tool designed to assist companies and professionals that need to deal with foreign exchange rates in their daily work.

It is the first in his class that allows users to choose between a wide and increasing list of major financial institutions, providing daily spot exchange rates and historical series, when they are available.

In a different approach to solutions based on API services, like the ones offered by OANDA and others, we have developed a tool for Windows (tm) that is both a versatile exchange rates retriever and a powerful calculator. And it also comes with additional Clipboard Integration & Advanced Table Conversion exclusive technologies.

Central Banks as exchange rates providers

Almost any country in the world has a Banking institution that administers the monetary policy and publishes a daily report with their current exchange rates. Usually they also publish an historical report too, and even more, in an increasing number of developed countries, these institutions have adopted industry standards like xml and json to share this free public information.

We believe that many companies they are just fine with daily updates, especially if they come from trusted, official institutions.

So, being all this free information available, why to pay more?

foxer does not need any special API development or integration. Our application perfectly knows when to connect and how to deal with every specific publication, so you can get all the exchange rates you need, right from the source to your computer.

We have focused on the Central Banks of the G20’s most developed countries. Its members account for more than 80% of world GDP, 75% of global trade and 60% of the population of the planet.

Current version 11 includes the Federal Reserve of the USA (FED), and South Africa Reserve Bank (SAR), making available 14 of G20’s members and a coverage of up to 82% of its GDP.

foreign exchange rates

foxer country coverage map

The document containing all 254 country/regions is available in the following foreign-exchange-rates-country-coverage-data.csv

foxer currency calculator is a professional solution

With foxer, there is no need for companies to struggle to find the right data sources for the foreign exchange rates they deal with. Depending on the market, you can just choose the Central Bank you find more convenient, at every moment.

Our solution also comes with Clipboard Integration & Advanced Table Conversion exclusive technologies, so you can easily convert complex tables with currency identifiers from different dates from within any document you could be working on, including Word, Excel, Mail or Internet Browsers.

Future developments

While we are continuously working to increase the number of Banks available, we are also developing new features. On next major version, Price localization will be available for e-commerces through an automated mechanism that will make possible to inject exchange rates directly into your business software system.

Currency conversion has never been so easy!. And look, free to download.

If you deal with foreign exchange rates
see what you get with foxer

  • Clipboard Integration

    This is a special technique we developed for foxer to be notified when clipboard contents change. A unique feature – not present in any other converter – that makes bringing instant conversion pop-ups possible when the text being copied contains a high proportion of numbers.

  • Adjustment factor

    Selectively apply a correction factor to interbank / middle rates to calculate the real costs of your operations and keep your margin.

  • Advanced Table Conversion

    ATC is the special processing that helps in identifying dates, currencies and even subscription codes when converting tables. Having this information opens the door to a whole new range of possibilities, like multi currency conversion.

  • Calendar tool

    A practical group of controls organized around a calendar to manage current subscription, historical series, the loading of exchange rates for a desired date and value inspection.

The following Central Banks
are under study or development

Our goal is to provide you with the major Central Bank’s exchange rates on every continent

With foxer currency calculator you can manage
all currencies worldwide


People’s Bank of China. A second plugin for this country, with historical series.

Bank of Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

CB of The UAE

The United Arab Emirates is the fourth largest economy in the Middle East.

CB of Turkey

Turkey is an emerging market economy and a strategic country between Asia and Europe.

See a comparative table with all the currencies available

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