Foreign exchange rates

If your business conducts significant work with foreign locations, customers, or business partners, you’ll undoubtedly face the challenge of dealing with foreign exchange rates.

Exchange rates fluctuate daily based on global demand and supply. These variations may be caused by anything from global pandemics, political changes to market news. As a result, small and even large companies that deal with foreign currencies struggle to find the right data sources for the exchange rates they need or even for a specific currency or date.

As you may know, there are lots of companies claiming to provide the most accurate exchange rates – even at real time – and they can charge you a lot of money for that. But the truth is that no one can say he’s got the right ones, because exchange rates for a specific transaction depend on many factors.

No one doubts that global companies and professionals should seriously consider foreign exchange rates variations. It is the key for reducing mistakes, financial costs and taxes, which at the end is money. But we believe that for most of the average companies, real time exchange rates plans are expensive and useless, while daily updates is just fine. At the end is what most of the Central Banks do.

At TUDICOR Software we have taken this approach: unify and make available all daily official exchange rates published by some of the major Central Banks of the world, including historical series. And then, of course, provide the users with the right tool to be able to choose the economic source they find more convenient or trust the most.

foxer currency calculator is this tool. And at a more than reasonable fees.

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