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euro exchange ratesThe official Euro exchange rates are published by the European Central Bank (ECB), which is the Bank that administers the monetary policy within the European Union. It is a daily report of 32 currency values in the format of a regular HTML page and automated formats like XML that is usually updated around 16:00 Central Europe Time ( CET ) on every working day.

The ECB also publishes a historical file starting from 1999-01-04 until present. This file is fully available from the application’s calendar and can be used to extract desired exchange rates month by month.

The European Central Bank (ECB) plugin is included by default with foxer currency calculator, thus bringing users the possibility to get both the latest and historical exchange rates.

Economic relevance

The European Union is the 2nd largest economy in the world, between the United States of America and China, comprising a single market across the territory of all its 27 member countries that represents 512 million citizens. From these countries, 19 member states have joined a monetary union known as the eurozone, which uses the euro as a single currency. As a result, nowadays the euro is the second largest reserve currency as well as the second most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar (USD).


Summary table

Base currencyEUR
UpdatedMonday to Friday
PublicationSame day
Time16:00 CET (UTC+1)
History fileYes

Facts and figures

  • Countries: 19 / 28
  • Population: 342M / 512M
  • GDP: 12,589 / 17,277  ( USD Billion )
  • GDP per capita: $40,088 / $36,593

Statistical data from dec/17 including the UK
Eurozone / European Union

Sources:, wikipedia

Pre euro currencies

Remember that the original currencies of all the European Union’s member countries are still available from the calculator. These currencies are pegged currencies, so they have a fixed rate against the Euro. Here is the complete list, including non EU countries which are also pegged to the Euro.

Currencies pegged to EUR

IsoCodeCurrency NameSymbolPegged ToRatio
ATSSchilling (Austria)SEUR13.7603
BAMConvertible Mark (Bosnia and Herzegovina)KMEUR1.95583
BEFFranc (Belgium)BFEUR40.3399
CYPPound (Cyprus)£EUR0.585274
DEMDeutsch Mark (Germany)DMEUR1.95583
EEKKroon (Estonia)KrEUR15.64664
ESPPeseta (Spain)Ptas.EUR166.386
FIMMarkka (Finland)mkEUR5.94573
FRFFranc (France)FEUR6.55957
GRDDrachma (Greece)DrEUR340.75
IEPPunt (Ireland)PuntEUR0.787564
ITLLira (Italy)LitEUR1936.27
LTLLitas (Lithuania)LitasEUR3.4528
LUFFranc (Luxembourg)LuxFEUR40.3399
LVLLat (Latvia)LsEUR0.702804
MTLLira (Malta)£EUR0.4293
NLGGuilder (Netherlands)f.EUR2.20371
PTEEscudo (Portugal)EscEUR200.482
SITTolar (Slovenia)SlTEUR239.64
SKKKoruna (Slovakia)SkEUR30.126
XAFCFA Franc (Central Africa)F.EUR655.957
XOFSDR (Int. Monetary Fund)F.EUR655.957

In the White Papers section you will find a complete list of world’s pegged currencies.

You will also find a full comparative table of all currencies per Bank in the List of currencies page.

Published currencies

AUDDollar (Australia)
BGNLeva (Bulgaria)
BRLReal (Brazil)
CADDollar (Canada)
CHFFranc (Switzerland)
CNYYuan (China)
CZKKoruna (Czech Republic)
DKKKrone (Denmark)
GBPPound (United Kingdom)
HKDDollar (Hong Kong)
HRKKuna (Croatia)
HUFForint (Hungary)
IDRRupiah (Indonesia)
ILSShekel (Israel)
INRRupee (India)
JPYYen (Japan)
KRWWon (Korea  South)
MXNPeso (Mexico)
MYRRinggit (Malaysia)
NOKKrone (Norway)
NZDDollar (New Zealand)
PHPPeso (Philippines)
PLNZloty (Poland)
RONLeu (Romania)
RUBRuble (Rusia)
SEKKronor (Sweden)
SGDDollar (Singapore)
THBBaht (Thailand)
TRYLira (Turkey)
USDDollar (United States of America)
ZARRand (South Africa)

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