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You are about to download foxer currency calculator, the most advanced currency converter, with Clipboard Integration and Advanced Table Conversion ( ATC ) technologies and the following free daily Central Bank plugins:

ECBEuropean Central Bank (ECB)BOEBank of England (BOE)
BCABank of Canada (BCA)RBAReserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
BOCBank of China (BOC)CBRCentral Bank of Russian Federation (CBR)

We are proud creators of safe software. From version 9.5 foxer is digitally signed.

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foxer currency calculator is 100% compatible with all Windows systems from Vista up to 10.

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These are current MD5 hash values for foxer version :

foxer.exe: 8387D9E8DEBCBC606A25B21C01923B59
fxrupdater.exe: 6C26160142CEEC9464828DF814D928E1
foxersetup.exe: 21975B3B3165B31E5C0DA9F82A4B58F6

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foxer Currency Calculator


Foxer Setup

Open installer

foxer installation step-1Locate setup exe file and double click to start.

Click on ‘Yes’ or ‘Execute’

foxer installation step-2Confirm Windows authorization.

Follow up setup instructions

foxer installation step-3

Select installation and data folder and check they are valid. Accept terms and click ‘Install’ to proceed.

2020.05.06foxer update bug involved in local time updates (BOC)
2020.05.05foxer update Time Zone management.
2020.04.03foxer update update. Includes Bank of Russia plugin update.
2020.03.02foxer update stub Installer model.
2019.12.31foxer update and BOC plugin updates to follow new specifications.
2019.09.16foxer update plugin now get daily updates from xml publication.
2019.09.10foxer update bug and minor changes related to history files.
2019.08.28foxer update error checking on FoxerSetup, BCA plugin has been updated.
2019.07.20foxer update domain
2019.06.21foxer update, foxer application and libraries are now Digitally Signed.
2019.06.06foxer update Bank Of Canada Subscription now updates from xml format.
2019.04.24foxer update update to recently changed format of the Reserve Bank Of Australia.
2019.04.15foxer update introduces a new ‘View Source’ button on Calendar Form, to easily check subscriptions.
2019.04.04foxer update corrects a bug involved in subscriptions update and Universal Time calculation over Time Zones
2019.03.27foxer update brings a more robust conversion schema, accurated progress bars & some styling changes.
2019.02.11foxer update 9.0.16updates Calendar & weekdays in both english and spanish languages.
2019.02.06foxer update 9.0.15adds Calendar signaling day & Working days features and better plugin code optimization.
2019.01.18foxer update 9.0.12improves calendar features and fixes a history file bug wich affected BOE & CBR plugins.
2018.11.16foxer update 9.0.10moves all plugin files to AppData folder to avoid private settings interfere other users.
2018.10.23foxer update a Setup bug that make application update to AppData folder.
2018.10.18foxer update Calendar History bug and some other minor problems.
2018.09.11foxer update recently changed BCA plugin and improves version checking.