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About current version 10


You are about to download foxer currency calculator, the most advanced currency converter, including 180 currencies, Clipboard Integration and Advanced Table Conversion (ATC) exclusive technologies and daily updates from a selection of 10 of the major Central Banks of all continents:

European Central Bank plugin ECB European Central Bank
Bank of Canada plugin BCA Bank of Canada
Bank of China plugin BOC Bank of China
Bank of England plugin BOE Bank of England
Reserve Bank of Australia plugin RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
Central Bank of Russia plugin CBR Central Bank of Russia
Switzerland National Bank plugin SNB Switzerland National Bank
Banco Central do Brasil plugin BCB Banco Central do Brasil

Latest version 10 now includes the following new plugins:

South Africa Reserve Bank plugin SAR South Africa Reserve Bank
Federal Reserve of the USA plugin FED Federal Reserve of the USA


foxer currency calculator is 100% compatible with all Windows systems from Vista up to 10.
We are proud creators of safe software. From version 9.5 foxer is digitally signed.

MD5 checksum validation

These are current MD5 values for foxer version

foxer.exe: 7A6C82EA3C28F5E256A17CEC3ABDA772
fxrupdater.exe: AAE825CA2079B5B288BDF1AFACCEA70D
foxersetup.exe: E64990FC3257068EAE3E2C6C18F9C5E9

You can use this free WinMD5 tool to check them out.

Download foxer currency calculator setup
  • Open installer

    Locate foxersetup.exe and double click to execute.

  • Choose user

    Select between All Users or Current user installation model.

  • Shared folder

    If you wish to share data between computers select a shared folder. Shared folder is never deleted.

  • Accept terms

    Click on terms acceptance to enable Install button.

  • Click Install

    Click Install and confirm Windows to start installation.

Choose your foxer version


  • Number of currencies
  • Integrated conversion cells
  • Calendar history
  • Currency editing
  • Data Export

By downloading you implicitly agree the terms of use.

List of Changes

Date Version Improvements
2021.11.30 10.3.0 Fixed a bug affecting the extraction of historical series from SNB and RBA plugins.
2021.11.23 10.2.0 New ‘List of currencies’ property from where to create a Cross Table. New Favorites popup menu to manage most used currency pairs. Updated versions of ECB, BOE and FED plugins.
2021.11.10 10.1.0 10.1 Update. Introduces an important change affecting pegged currencies. Also a new currency color display and a CBR plugin update.
2021.10.26 10.0.0 New Major Version 10. Includes Federal Reserve of the USA (FED) & South African Reserve Bank (SAR) plugins.
2021.09.13 9.14.0 Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) plugin update.
2021.09.07 9.13.0 Important update that fixes the retrieval of incomplete values from CBR & BOC plugins. Please, ensure to replace all fxr files that can not be replaced from the history file utility. (BOC).
2021.08.13 9.12.0 Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) plugin update.
2021.08.02 9.11.0 A new decimals selector has been added to converter form.
2021.06.14 9.10.0 New Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) plugin. New check box to enable/disable all notifications.
2021.05.25 9.9.9 Fixed ‘Corrupt installation’ random error.
2021.05.24 9.9.8 Fixed bug affecting CBR plugin date identification. Added some Calendar improvements.
2021.04.14 9.9.7 Improved Excel support. SNB plugin now includes 1 year History file.
2021.04.01 9.9.6 CBR plugin update and other minor changes.
2021.03.18 9.9.5 Fixes “Stack Overflow” random error on clipboard copy operations and an ATC bug involving first column identification on tables.
2021.03.05 9.9.4 New Shared folder for shared installations. Plugin updates are now installable independently.
2021.02.17 9.9.3 Auto update error fixed.
2021.02.16 9.9.2 Improved JSON support. Updated CBR plugin.
2021.02.02 9.9.1 Enhanced Calculator layout with new format button. Automatic user locale settings detection.
2021.01.25 9.9.0 All floating point operations now use Extended 80 bits size for better accuracy. Improved ATC, Hint control & Conversion Report.
New Switzerland National Bank (SNB) plugin.
2021.01.18 9.8.8 Improved Status menu.
2020.12.04 9.8.7 Updated RBA plugin plus some pop-up improved features.
2020.11.16 9.8.6 New Status Menu. Updated BCA and RBA plugins.
2020.10.14 9.8.5 Introduces UNIQUE value logic for all subscriptions and fixes updater problem.
2020.06.08 9.8.2 New Subscription Manager window plus many other minor fixes and improvements.
2020.05.05 9.8.1 Improved Time Zone management.
2020.04.03 9.7.1 General update. Includes Bank of Russia plugin update.
2020.03.02 9.7.0 New stub Installer model.
2019.12.31 9.6.5 BCA and BOC plugin updates to follow new specifications.
2019.09.16 9.6.3 RBA plugin now get daily updates from xml publication.
2019.09.10 9.6.2 Fixed bug and minor changes related to history files.
2019.08.28 9.6.1 Improved error checking on FoxerSetup, BCA plugin has been updated.
2019.07.20 9.6.0 New domain
2019.06.21 9.5.0 FoxerSetup, foxer application and libraries are now Digitally Signed.
2019.06.06 9.3.0 Bank Of Canada Subscription now updates from xml format.
2019.04.24 9.2.4 update to recently changed format of the Reserve Bank Of Australia.
2019.04.15 9.2.2 introduces a new ‘View Source’ button on Calendar Form, to easily check subscriptions.
2019.04.04 9.2.1 corrects a bug involved in subscriptions update and Universal Time calculation over Time Zones
2019.03.27 9.2.0 brings a more robust conversion schema, accurated progress bars & some styling changes.
2019.02.11 9.0.16 updates Calendar & weekdays in both english and spanish languages.
2019.02.06 9.0.15 adds Calendar signaling day & Working days features and better plugin code optimization.
2019.01.18 9.0.12 improves calendar features and fixes a history file bug which affected BOE & CBR plugins.

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