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Currency ISO codes (ISO 4217) is an industry standard to uniquely identify a particular currency from all the existing ones. Popular codes like USD or GBP are well known by most of the public, while many of them are widely unknown, especially those from developing countries.

Currency codes also reflect history and political changes. Some of them belong to currencies from the past, like German Mark (DEM) which after their integration to the European Union adopted the Euro (EUR).

The following table also shows the pegged and historical currencies.

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The table below shows all currencies as they are configured for foxer currency calculator.

Iso Code Currency Name Symbol Position Decimals PeggedTo Value Historical
AED Dirham (United Arab Emirates) Dh Right 2 USD 36,725
AFN Afghani (Afghanistan) Af Right 2
ALL Lek (Albania) L Right 2
AMD Dram (Armenia) Dram Right 2
ANG Guilder (Netherlands Antilles) NAf. Right 2
AOA Kwanza (Angola) Kz Right 2
ARS Peso (Argentina) $ Left 2
ATS Schilling (Austria) S Right 2 EUR 137,603 Yes
AUD Dollar (Australia) A$ Left 2
AWG Guilder (Aruba) Af. Right 2
AZN Manat (Azerbaijan) M, Right 2
BAM Convertible Mark (Bosnia and Herzegovina) KM Right 2 EUR 195,583
BBD Dollar (Barbados) Bds$ Left 2
BDT Taka (Bangladesh) Tk Right 2
BEF Franc (Belgium) BF Left 2 EUR 403,399 Yes
BGN Leva (Bulgaria) Lv Right 2 EUR 195,583
BHD Dinar (Bahrain) BD Right 2 USD 376
BIF Franc (Burundi) FBu Left 2
BMD Dollar (Bermuda) Bd$ Left 2
BND Dollar (Brunei) B$ Left 2
BOB Boliviano (Bolivia) Bs Right 2
BRL Real (Brazil) R$ Left 2
BSD Dollar (Bahamas) B$ Left 2
BTN Ngultrum (Bhutan) Nu Right 2
BWP Pula (Botswana) P Right 2
BYR Ruble (Belarus) BR Right 2
BYN New Ruble (Belarus) BR Right 2
BZD Dollar (Belize) BZ$ Left 2
CAD Dollar (Canada) C$ Left 2
CDF Franc (Congo  Dem. Rep.) Franc Left 2
CHF Franc (Switzerland) SFr. Left 2
CLP Peso (Chile) Ch$ Left 2
CNY Yuan (China) ¥ Right 2
COP Peso (Colombia) Col$ Left 2
CRC Colon (Costa Rica) Colon Right 2
CUC Convertible Peso (Cuba) $ Right 2 USD 1 Yes
CUP Peso (Cuba) $ Left 2
CVE Escudo (Cape Verde) Esc Right 2 EUR 110,265
CYP Pound (Cyprus) £ Right 2 EUR 585,274 Yes
CZK Koruna (Czech Republic) Kc Right 2
DEM Deutsch Mark (Germany) DM Right 2 EUR 195,583 Yes
DJF Franc (Djibouti) DF Left 2 USD 177,721
DKK Krone (Denmark) Dkr Right 2
DOP Peso (Dominican Rep.) RD$ Left 2
DZD Dinar (Algeria) DA Right 2
ECS Sucre (Ecuador) Sucre Right 2 USD 25,000 Yes
EEK Kroon (Estonia) Kr Right 2 EUR 1,564,664 Yes
EGP Pound (Egypt) £ Right 2
ERN Nakfa (Eritrea) Nfk Right 2 USD 15
ESP Peseta (Spain) Ptas. Right 0 EUR 166,386 Yes
ETB Birr (Ethiopia) Br Right 2
EUR Euro (European Union) Right 2
FIM Markka (Finland) mk Right 2 EUR 594,573 Yes
FJD Dollar (Fiji) F$ Left 2
FKP Pound (Falkland Islands) FK£ Right 2
FRF Franc (France) F Left 2 EUR 655,957 Yes
GBP Pound (United Kingdom) £ Left 2
GEL Lari (Georgia) Lari Right 2
GHS Cedi (Ghana) GH¢ Right 2
GIP Pound (Gibraltar) £ Right 2 GBP 1 Yes
GMD Dalasi (Gambia) D Right 2
GNF Franc (Guinea) Franc Left 2
GRD Drachma (Greece) Dr Right 0 EUR 340,750 Yes
GTQ Quetzal (Guatemala) Q Right 2
GYD Dollar (Guyana) G$ Left 2
HKD Dollar (Hong Kong) HK$ Left 2
HNL Lempira (Honduras) L Right 2
HRK Kuna (Croatia) Kn Right 2
HTG Gourde (Haiti) G Right 2
HUF Forint (Hungary) Ft Right 2
IDR Rupiah (Indonesia) Rp Right 2
IEP Punt (Ireland) Punt Right 2 EUR 787,564 Yes
ILS Shekel (Israel) NIS Right 2
INR Rupee (India) Rs Right 2
IQD Dinar (Iraq) ID Right 2
IRR Rial (Iran) Rls Right 2
ISK Krona (Iceland) IKr Right 2
ITL Lira (Italy) Lit Right 0 EUR 193,627 Yes
JMD Dollar (Jamaica) J$ Left 2
JOD Dinar (Jordan) JD Right 2 USD 709
JPY Yen (Japan) Yen Right 2
KES Shilling (Kenya) K Sh Right 2
KGS Som (Kyrgyzstan) Som Right 2
KHR Riel (Cambodia) CR Right 2
KMF Franc (Comoros) CF Left 2 EUR 49,196,775
KPW Won (Korea  North) W Right 2
KRW Won (Korea  South) W Right 2
KWD Dinar (Kuwait) KD Right 2
KYD Dollar (Cayman Islands) CI$ Left 2 USD 12
KZT Tenge (Kazakhstan) T Right 2
LAK Kip (Laos) K Right 2
LBP Pound (Lebanon) L.Pound Right 2 USD 15,075
LKR Rupee (Sri Lanka) SLRs Right 2
LRD Dollar (Liberia) $ Left 2
LSL Loti (Lesotho) L Right 2 ZAR 1
LTL Litas (Lithuania) Lt Right 2 EUR 345,280 Yes
LUF Franc (Luxembourg) LxF Left 2 EUR 403,399 Yes
LVL Lat (Latvia) Ls Right 2 EUR 702,804 Yes
LYD Dinar (Libya) LD Right 2
MAD Dirham (Morocco) DH Right 2
MDL Leu (Moldova) Leu Right 2
MGA Ariayry (Madagascar) Ar Right 2
MKD Denar (Macedonia) Denar Right 2
MMK Kyat (Myanmar) K Right 2
MNT Tugrik (Mongolia) Tug Right 2
MOP Pataca (Macao (Macau)) P Right 2
MRO Ouguiya (Mauritania) UM Right 2
MTL Lira (Malta) £ Right 2 EUR 4,293 Yes
MUR Rupee (Mauritius) Rs Right 2
MVR Rufiyaa (Maldives) Rf Right 2
MWK Kwacha (Malawi) MK Right 2
MXN Peso (Mexico) Mex$ Left 2
MYR Ringgit (Malaysia) RM Right 2
MZM Metical (Mozambique) Mt Right 2
NAD Dollar (Namibia) N$ Left 2 ZAR
NGN Naira (Nigeria) Naira Right 2
NIO Gold Cordoba (Nicaragua) C$ Left 2
NLG Guilder (Netherlands) f. Right 2 EUR 220,371 Yes
NOK Krone (Norway) Kr Right 2
NPR Rupee (Nepal) NRs Right 2 INR 16
NZD Dollar (New Zealand) NZ$ Left 2
OMR Rial (Oman) RO Right 2 USD 3,845
PAB Balboa (Panama) B Right 2 USD 1
PEN New Sol (Peru) S/. Right 2
PGK Kina (Papua New Guinea) K Right 2
PHP Peso (Philippines) Peso Right 2
PKR Rupee (Pakistan) Rs Right 2
PLN Zloty (Poland) zl Right 2
PTE Escudo (Portugal) Esc Right 2 EUR 200,482 Yes
PYG Guarani (Paraguay) Guarani Right 2
QAR Riyal (Qatar) QR Right 2 USD 364
RON Leu (Romania) Leu Right 2
RSD Dinar (Serbia) Dn Right 2
RUB Ruble (Rusia) R Right 2
RWF Franc (Rwanda) RF Left 2
SAR Riyal (Saudi Arabia) SR Right 2 USD 375
SBD Dollar (Solomon Island) SI$ Left 2
SCR Rupee (Seychelles) SR Right 2
SDG Pound (Sudan) SD£ Right 2
SSP Pound (South Sudan) SS£ Right 2
SEK Kronor (Sweden) Kr Right 2
SGD Dollar (Singapore) S$ Left 2
SHP Pound (Saint Helena) £ Right 2 GBP 1 Yes
SIT Tolar (Slovenia) SlT Right 2 EUR 23,964 Yes
SKK Koruna (Slovakia) Sk Right 2 EUR 301,260 Yes
SLL Leone (Sierra Leone) Le Right 2
SOS Shilling (Somalia) Sh. Right 2
SRD Dollar (Suriname) $ Right 2
STN São Tomé and Príncipe dobra Db Right 2 EUR 2,447
SVC Colon (El Salvador) Colon Right 2 USD 875
SYP Pound (Syria) Right 2
SZL Lilangeni (Swaziland) L Right 2 ZAR 1 Yes
THB Baht (Thailand) Bt Right 2
TJS Somoni (Tajikistan) TJS Right 2
TMT Manat (Turkmenistan) m Right 2
TND Dinar (Tunisia) TD Right 2
TOP Pa’anga (Tonga) PT Right 2
TRY Lira (Turkey) TL Right 2
TTD Dollar (Trinidad and Tobago) TT$ Left 2
TWD New Dollar (Taiwan) NT$ Left 2
TZS Shilling (Tanzania) TSh Right 2
UAH Hryvnia (Ukraine) Hryvnia Right 2
UGX Shilling (Uganda) USh Right 2
USD Dollar (United States of America) $ Left 2
UYU Peso (Uruguay) $U Left 2
UZS Som (Uzbekistan) Som Right 2
VEF Bolivar Fuerte(Venezuela) Bs.F Right 2 Yes
VES Bolivar Soberano (Venezuela) Bs.S Right 2
VND Dong (Viet Nam) D Right 2
VUV Vatu (Vanuatu) VT Right 2
WST Tala (Samoa) WS$ Left 2
XAF CFA Franc (Central Africa) F. Right 2 EUR 655,957
XOF CFA Franc (West Africa) F. Right 2 EUR 655,957
XCD Dollar (East Caribbean Dollar) EC$ Right 2 USD 27
XDR SDR (Int. Monetary Fund) SDR Right 2
YER Rial (Yemen) YRls Right 2
ZAR Rand (South Africa) R Right 2
ZMW Kwacha (Zambia) ZK Right 2
ZWL Dollar (Zimbabwe) Z$ Left 2
XPF CFP franc F Left 2 EUR 1,193,317

Last updated on 2022.05.11. You can download this table as foxer-iso4217-currencies.csv file.

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