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The Calendar tool provides many practical features. It contains a Bank selector and a Calendar from where to navigate in time and select the exchange rates to load. But it also displays important file information such as content values, file name, base currency and internal file date.

Calendar form

Exchange rates can be expressed in different ways depending on the Bank publication. For this reason, you can check the “Show internal values” to view original text values versus internal ones.

You can also get the % variation of a currency with respect to another date from the Calendar tool. To do this, just select a currency in the values list, and click on a different date. Please note that variation percentage is always calculated following the natural time flow.


Click on Update or Update All to request an instant update for all subscriptions or currently selected only.

Click on View Source to check current subscription publication in a browser.

Click on the Apply button or double click on a cell to load exchange rates from the selected date.

Icons and labels

foxer icon opens main converter window.

Click on Today’s date to make calendar to move to current date.

Click on Current file label to navigate to current in memory exchange rates date.

Click on History to extract missing files from the History file.

Hot Keys

Page Up moves Calendar to next month. Ctrl + Page Up moves 1 year.

Page Down moves Calendar to previous month. Ctrl + Page Down moves to previous year and month.

Press Esc key to close the Calendar tool.

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