foxer currency calculator features

foxer currency calculator is a highly-specialized desktop application for Windows systems. It’s unique features make it a handy, powerful tool for all global economy professionals and businesses. Here, you will find the most important features for you to get the most from it.

Currency Calculator

  • Main Converter controls

    The Main Converter window is the core of all conversion services, although you can do a lot without even seeing it. We have put a lot of effort into providing many useful functions making them no more than a couple of clicks away. Knowing all the controls is the key to getting the most from it.

  • Clipboard Integration

    This is a special technique we developed for foxer to be notified when clipboard contents change. A unique feature – not present in any other converter – that makes bringing instant conversion pop-ups possible when the text being copied contains a high proportion of numbers.

  • Advanced Table Conversion

    ATC is the special processing that helps identifying dates, currencies and even subscription codes when converting tables. Having this information opens the door to a whole new range of possibilities, like multi-currency conversion.

  • Conversion pop up controls

    Conversion pop ups merge all power given by both the Clipboard Integration and Advanced Table Conversion exclusive techniques. You can have a look at all controls present in this smart little window.

  • Calendar window

    A practical group of controls organized around a calendar to manage current subscription, historical series, the loading of exchange rates for a desired date and value inspection.

  • Automated exchange rates

    This new feature, upcoming in version 10, means your ERP systems, accounting software & databases will be updated automatically. No APIs nor expensive developments, just a simple script.

  • Price localization / global pricing

    As an important consequence of database feed capabilities, foxer currency calculator makes automatic, accurate pricing for business global products in your customers’ local currencies.

  • Conversion Report

    Conversion Report is a debug utility that logs detailed information from every calculation done in a conversion. It is accessible from both the main Converter window and conversion popups, so you can check it at any time.

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