Conversion Pop up controls

Conversion Pop ups merge all the power given by the Clipboard Integration and Advanced Table Conversion exclusive techniques. Have a look at all the controls present in this smart little window.

1 – Main From/To converter switch

This value corresponds to current converter incoming/outgoing selected currencies. You can’t select other values, but yes, you can switch their conversion role.

2 – ATC switch

When ATC identifies a set of currencies, they could be applied as incoming or outgoing, overriding defaults. This button allows interchanging the currency conversion roles from ATC-In ( Incoming ) to ATC-Out ( Outgoing ).

3 – Subscription plugin indicator

This indicator displays Subscription validity & code, where green is updated (less than 24hours), red is outdated (more than 2 days) and yellow inbetween. ATC conversions with date override display in gray.

4 – Selected date format

Display current selected date format when ATC conversion specifies a date column. As ddmmyy & mmddyy formats can result in non-existent files when day is less than 13, this button allows to easily alternate through date formats from ddmmyy, mmddyy & yyyymmdd.

5 – Format yes/no switch

This button toggles result formatting. It can be especially useful when the target application where to paste expects just values, such as Excel.

6 – Conversion Report button

Opens the ConversionReport.txt log file so you can inspect how foxer currency calculator evaluated the last conversion.

7 – Paste button

Paste conversion results in the original document. Keep in mind that pasting will only take place if the document accepts editing. A typical example where this is not allowed is a web browser.

8 – Warning area

Unidentified currencies, subscriptions & non-existing files will result in a warning, displaying the total number in this area. Click for a detailed list.

9 – Result area

Click in this area to open foxer currency calculator main window.

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