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China exchange rates are published by the Bank of China (BOC) as a regular HTML web page including 27 currency values. Apart from other banks that have a fixed publication time, this one is updated every 5 minutes, including weekends. So, being this a continuous publication, by default foxer currency calculator takes middle rates from 7am local time of user time zone.

Users can modify the exact time of preference, but keep in mind it should result in the same day once applied time zone differentials, otherwise you would be getting exchange rates not from the same day. foxer is able to detect this error and doesn’t update under this circumstance.

The Bank of China (BOC) plugin was the first Asian/Chinese bank we developed for foxer currency calculator. It is not the official Central Bank of China, but for the moment it is the most suitable source we could find to bring China exchange rates. We continously look to the future to make the most outstanding exchange rates sources available.

Historical series are not available for this Bank.

Economic relevance

China is the most populated country in the world – 1.42 billion – the second largest economy after the USA, and the third when evaluating the European Union as a single economic area. China is the world’s largest manufacturing economy and goods exporter as well, it also has the world’s largest total banking sector assets with $27.39 trillion in total deposits.

China is the largest trading nation in the world, it plays a prominent role in international trade and has increasingly engaged in trade organizations and free trade agreements with several nations, including ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and other neighbouring countries.

CNY/USD Fixing

China has a particular fixing mechanism. The daily fixing of the People’s Bank of China for the CNY/USD exchange rate has evolved in recent years, especially since devaluation from 2016, when the authorities introduced a new framework for setting the daily fix.

However, there are studies that signal that daily volatility in the CNY remains quite low compared to other free floating currencies, suggesting that the fixing mechanism could be favouring China’s gobernment interests, as you can find in this article from the newyorkfed. Please, note that the source of the article is the New York Federal Reserve in the USA, just to help you keep a wide perspective about the matter.


Summary table

Base currencyCNY
PublicationSame day
Time7am local time
History fileNo

Facts and figures

  • GDP Ranking#: 3
  • GDP: 12,237 ( USD Billion )
  • Population: 1,433M
  • GDP per capita is $10,841
Sources:, wikipedia

List of published currencies

AEDDirham (United Arab Emirates)
AUDDollar (Australia)
BRLReal (Brazil)
CADDollar (Canada)
CHFFranc (Switzerland)
DKKKrone (Denmark)
EUREuro (European Union)
GBPPound (United Kingdom)
HKDDollar (Hong Kong)
IDRRupiah (Indonesia)
INRRupee (India)
JPYYen (Japan)
KRWWon (Korea  South)
MOPPataca (Macao (Macau))
MYRRinggit (Malaysia)
NOKKrone (Norway)
NZDDollar (New Zealand)
PHPPeso (Philippines)
RUBRuble (Rusia)
SARRiyal (Saudi Arabia)
SEKKronor (Sweden)
SGDDollar (Singapore)
THBBaht (Thailand)
TRYLira (Turkey)
TWDNew Dollar (Taiwan)
USDDollar (United States of America)
ZARRand (South Africa)

See full comparative table of all currencies per Bank in the White Papers / List of currencies page.

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