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Swiss Franc (CHF) SymbolThe official exchange rates for the Swiss franc (CHF) are available on the daily publication of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), the Central Bank of Switzerland, responsible for the nation’s monetary policy and the sole issuer of Swiss franc banknotes.

This report is updated around 11:00 GMT (UTC+01:00) on every working day. It contains 4 currency values only: USD, EUR, GBP & JPY, but its relevance is mostly because of the special role of the Swiss economy in the world, as you can read below.

foxer currency calculator includes the Swiss National Bank (SNB) plugin since the last 9.9.0 release version, while history file support was introduced in version 9.9.7. making all this daily and historical data available to all users. Remember that missing files can easily be extracted from the calendar month by month up to the limit of one year of the published file.

Economic relevance

The economy of Switzerland is one of the world’s most advanced free market economies. The service sector has come to play a significant economic role, particularly the Swiss banking industry and tourism.

Switzerland is the third richest landlocked country in the world after Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, and together with the latter and Norway the only three countries in the world with a GDP per capita (nominal) above USD70,000.

The value of the Swiss franc (CHF) has been relatively stable compared with that of other currencies. Swiss neutrality and national sovereignty, long-recognized by foreign nations, have fostered a stable environment for the banking sector to develop and thrive. Switzerland maintained neutrality through both World Wars, is not a member of the European Union, and did not join the United Nations until 2002.


Summary table

Base currencyCHF
UpdatedMonday to Friday
PublicationSame day
Time11:00 (UTC+1)
History file 1 year. Updated every day.

Facts and figures

  • GDP Ranking#: 20th ( 9th in Europe )
  • GDP: 80,132 ( USD Billion )
  • Population: 8.5M
  • GDP per capita: $80,132
Sources: Dec/2020 & wikipedia

CHF exchange rates includes the following currencies:

USD US Dollar
EUR Euro (European Union)
GBP Pound (United Kingdom)
JPY Yen (Japan)

See full comparative table of all currencies per Bank in the White Papers / List of currencies page.

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