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The official exchange rates for the Canadian Dollar (CAD) are available on the daily publication of the Bank of Canada (BCA), the Central Bank of this country. This report includes 26 currencies and is updated around 16:30 Eastern Time ( ET ) on every working day. It is available both as a normal web page for browsers and as an automated format like XML too, which is a more efficient format.

The Bank of Canada also publishes an historical file in csv format starting from 2017-01-03 until the present day. This file is fully available from the application’s calendar and can be used to extract the desired exchange rates month by month.

foxer currency calculator includes the Bank of Canada (BCA) plugin by default, making it possible to bring users all the daily and historical data available from the BCA.

Economic relevance

Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world, while the Canadian Dollar (CAD) is the 7th most traded currency. Canada is a member of the Commonwealth and the NAFTA, and so it is a country with strong economic links with both the USA and the UK, but also with other countries like Australia and New Zealand. Generally speaking, and due to its trade agreements, Canadian economy has influence with the whole North America and most English-speaking countries.


Summary table

Base currencyCAD
UpdatedMonday to Friday
PublicationSame day
Time16:30 ET (UTC-5)
History file Yes

Facts and figures

  • GDP Ranking#: 10th
  • GDP: 1,643 ( USD Billion )
  • Population: 38M
  • GDP per capita: $48,617
Sources: Dec/2020 & wikipedia

The BCA update report include the following currencies:

AUD Dollar (Australia)
BRL Real (Brazil)
CNY Yuan (China)
EUR Euro (European Union)
HKD Dollar (Hong Kong)
INR Rupee (India)
IDR Rupiah (Indonesia)
JPY Yen (Japan)
MXN Peso (Mexico)
NZD Dollar (New Zealand)
NOK Krone (Norway)
PEN New Sol (Peru)
RUB Ruble (Rusia)
SAR Riyal (Saudi Arabia)
SGD Dollar (Singapore)
ZAR Rand (South Africa)
KRW Won (Korea  South)
SEK Kronor (Sweden)
CHF Franc (Switzerland)
TWD New Dollar (Taiwan)
TRY Lira (Turkey)
GBP Pound (United Kingdom)
USD Dollar (United States of America)

See full comparative table of all currencies per Bank in the White Papers / List of currencies page.

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