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In recent years, volatility across foreign exchange markets has become the new norm. Macroeconomic and geopolitical events from Brexit to the trade war between China and the US, or the instability in Venezuela and Iran, all result in increased volatility and currency rate fluctuations.

Global businesses and professionals who rely on these ever-fluctuating exchange rates are exposed to multiple accounting errors, financial inaccuracy and losses if they don’t protect themselves against currency differentials between what they accounted and what they really paid or earned.

Solution: automated exchange rates

Fortunately, the foxer application is more than a powerful currency calculator. It works as a centralized point that deals with all the details of every exchange rate publication, performing all required data transformation to convert the original source to a common format stored on your computer.

Having this information available, the next logical step in global business is to make automated exchange rates to integrate into the software system. Automating exchange rates directly into your ERP, CRM, B2B or software system not only saves time, but more importantly, it ensure data accuracy, minimizes the risk of human error, and ensures consistent data across organizations. And all this can be done easily with a simple script because the data is already in the folder you selected and we even provide you with the template.

We know there are other exchange rate providers with lots of fancy features and special API’s, but all these solutions require specialized developers, time and an expensive budget. Our commitment is to bring companies exchange rates directly from a set of trusted Central Banks, daily, which is usually more than enough for most companies. And of course, at a much more affordable cost.

Our immediate goal is to also expand the list of Central Banks, therefore offering a wide set of reliable Central Banks from which to choose, depending on the country or your area of interest.

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