About foxer currency calculator

foxer has been my personal project and entertainment for a long time and a great source of satisfaction and challenges. I honestly think it can be a great productivity tool for many people who need to convert between currencies in their daily work.

From time to time I still spend a while researching new official data sources, but in the latest versions I have been more dedicated to improving and completing the application to make it a really useful and reliable tool for users. The Advanced Table Conversion, Conversion Report and Adjustment Factor are a good proof of that.

As an application, there are a few things left to add. The main ones are the injection of exchange rates in corporate databases and continuing to expand the number of financial entities.

For this reason, having almost reached the challenge at the development level, the new personal challenge that I propose is going to be the complete professionalization of the product.

In the next step, foxer will move to a freemium model, where professional users can choose from a variety of plans based on how much they use and how many features they need, just like many other applications do.

The challenge is great. There is a lot of competition and very strong companies in the sector, but I firmly believe that foxer can gain a foothold in the industry if things are done right. For this reason, I am not going to do this last stage alone.

I am already looking for partners and professionals to gain visibility and a better position for this great product. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Contact me if you think you can contribute something.

I appreciate your interest. Many thanks.

Kim Herrero

About foxer

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