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Get all Exchange Rates published by major Central Banks

If you have been looking around to find a professional currency converter calculator, there are chances that you couldn’t find all the features you may need.

We all know the web is full of sites and mobile apps that give you instant conversion of a single amount. But this casual user is not our user profile.

Please, follow on this page and you will know what a professional currency converter calculator can be.

Discover foxer unique features

foxer is accurate data. Right from Central Banks to your computer. No API’s.

foxer is handy, powerful and the most complete currency converter calculator you will ever try.

exchange rates

We bring you the latest and historical exchange rates from the major Central Banks all over the World.


Convert – in place – from any document or application just by selecting the text or table to convert and pressing CTRL+C.


Let foxer identify currencies & dates on any table with Advanced Table Conversion exclusive technology.

exchange rates

Hive your ERP systems, accounting software & databases updated automatically. No API’s.

Official exchange rates

Almost all Central Banks in the World do have a regular publication with the daily exchange rates concerning the most traded currencies in their area.

Sometimes called official, others just reference, the exchange rates published by Central Banks are the only certain information you can get before trusting any googled internet source or having to pay for expensive private services like OANDA, Bloomberg and others.

At TUDICOR Software we have developed the technology to collect all this variety of Central Banks publications and formats ( including historical series ) to provide daily exchange rates and so let users to choose the one they find more convenient.

At present, foxer currency calculator is able to retrieve exchange rates from 6 of the major Central Banks in the world, but this list is going to grow. You can read more in the foreign exchange rates page or in the link below.

foreign exchange rates

Clipboard integration

clipboard integration

We usually don’t like to type the same twice. We also don’t like having to change from one application to another to make a specific task if this is possible from within.

With this premise in mind we developed clipboard integration, a special technique and unique feature that makes possible for foxer currency calculator to be notified when a significant amount of numbers are copied to the clipboard.

Based on this technique, foxer just needs a very easy trigger: copying to the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C.

Just as magic, you get an instant conversion pop-up from where to adjust different parameters and even paste the result on the document you were working on.

Currency conversion has never been so easy!

ATC Technology

Advanced Table Conversion or ATC for short, is the special processing that helps foxer currency calculator to identify dates, currencies and even bank codes when converting tables.

ATC is the key to a whole new range of features you won’t find on any other currency converter calculator:

  • Deal with multiple currency conversions. Something impossible to achieve in a one-to-one scenario.
  • Automatically load exchange rates from different dates at every single row.
  • Specify the Bank who will provide the exchange rates
atc technology

Automated exchange rates

automated exchange rates

Ecommerce is growing, this is a fact. And it will continue to grow more and more. Global business can’t neglect the side effects of not adopting an accurate exchange rates updating policy.

Automated exchange rates feature, (upcoming on foxer version 10) will be able to inject exchange rates directly into your ERP, CRM, B2B or software system.

This feature not only saves time, but more importantly, it ensures data accuracy, minimizes the risk of human error, and of course, saves money.

If you deal with currencies,
see what you get with foxer

Reliable data

Exchange rates published by Central Banks come from trusted official institutions.

Diversity of sources

You have up to 6 Central Banks to choose from, at any moment. And more will come.

Excellent converter

foxer is the most complete, powerful and intuitive currency converter calculator.

Data export

Automatically export the exchange rates
of your preference into a selected folder
as .csv or .xml files.

Database integration

Automatically update your online shop,
ERP, CRM or software management system
with fresh & new exchange rates.

Price localization

Set a price to your global products
in the local currency of the countries
where you sell them.

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